Posted by Brooke Fairgray
Your handbag and wallet are worn EVERYDAY, used multiple times a day. A wardrobe staple with the most value for cost-per-wear... 

Our team share with you their wardrobe MVP's
 Designer / Director Roanne - MATILDA

"The perfect size to stash all I need for work, but not such a haul I have to swap it out on weekends. Plus the concertina design means Matilda works like a portable filing cabinet with plenty of clever pockets to help me stay organized."



 Office Manager Kirstie - FRANKIE

"Propped on the shoulder to look chic during the week, then slung on the hip for care-free weekends, Frankie has been the best investment yet"

Ponsonby Boutique Manager Anton - TILLY

"Her constructed interior to organises the chaos which would normally be dispersed between my pockets. Tilly was a game-changer, I take it everywhere"

 Sales and stock manager Jesika - BABY REGAN

"Baby Regan is the ultimate working girl, mine is always packed to the gunnels. Either with a laptop and files for work trips, or a change of clothes in case Saturday dinner with the girls turns into a Sunday morning brunch"


 Production and marketing manager Brooke - REESE

"I am expecting in August! So this season I choose a bag that could take me from the work-mode to mum-mode, Reese is understated and stylish, yet the inside features waterproof lining with pockets a-plenty and a hidden change mat!"