REBLOGGED: Espresso Martini Recipe by Made From Scratch

June 10, 2016 2 min read

Earlier this week I shared a deliciousChocolate, Nutmeg and Coffee Torte recipe that I made forNespresso. I’m so pleased to be able to share the other recipe that I created for their latest Club Member campaign. A delicious and impossibly elegant Espresso Martini. This classic recipe was created using Nespresso’s Arpeggio Decaffeinate, as it has the ideal intensity of flavour and being decaf, it won’t have you worrying about going to sleep after finishing a busy day sipping one or two of these cocktails. These are easily one of my favourite cocktails and of course is perfect when paired with a slice of chocolate torte. x












Pour the vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and vanilla into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Fill the martini glass with ice while you’re preparing your cocktail, so it’s perfectly chilled.

Add the top of the cocktail shaker to the bottom container – making sure it’s secure by giving it a good tap to lock it in place. Then shake vigorously. The goal is to smash the ice in the cocktail container while chilling the martini; the vigorous shaking is what also creates the frothy top.

Once shaken, tap the side of the cocktail shaker with the palm of your hand to break the seal. Tip the ice out of your martini glass – and then place the strainer over the top of the shaker and pour the martini through a sieve into your chilled martini glass. The strainer and sieve will help you achieve the smooth froth on the top.


Garnish with a few curls of dark chocolate (simply run a knife or peeler down the side of a piece of chocolate to create a curl) – serve alongside a slice of chocolate tart and enjoy.


Check out more ofMade from Scratch over on their bloghere.

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