May 06, 2019 2 min read

Brooke Tuatao is a force of a women, with an endless energy to encourage and inspire; she leads quietly from the front. Brooke has cultivated a fitness community of empowered women at Fitmumz; she shares with us her motivation, how she balances the gym with family, and tells us about her beautiful daughter Taleia.

(Did we mention Brooke is one of ten children?! Naturally, we ask about her own mum too. She sounds like a legend).

Brooke Tuatao of Fitmumz with her daughter Taleia for Saben MOthers Day

One of ten children! Tell us about your mum?

My mum has always been my hero, I am the second oldest of the 10 children. My mum homeschooled us all while doing everything in her power to create for us the most healthy unprocessed organic meals possible! The things my mum put so much importance on when we were young have now become some of the most important things I do! She taught me what was important in life! 

Taleia is divine, it is such a privilege to have you both in studio. Tell us a bit about her, and what it is like to be her mother

Taleia is actually the daughter I dreamed, I wanted a little girl since before I can remember! There has never been a time in her life I have struggled with, she has been my little sidekick forever and still is hehe.Homeschooling her this year has only strengthened the bond we have and helped me to realise how much school missed some of the most important things in life! Am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to invest into her in this way. 

She is my biggest helper, my most special friend and someone that knows me probably better than anyone else. Taleia is also the most compassionate and sensitive little girl which causes her to notice many things that others overlook. She definitely feels from the heart! So so precious to me. 

The gym is a huge part of your lives, how do you balance work, your own fitness goals, school and family time?

I don’t sometimes😂 I prioritise family and training but sometimes fail miserably! Business is a huge priority and takes a lot out of our family but it is what we choose to do and we love the impact we have so much. There is nothing more special than seeing families changed and restored as a result of what our FM/FC family provide. It isn’t just myself and Siaosi, it is the community we have that enables us to do what we do! 

What motivates you? (This is a big one! It could be, business, personal growth, mothering etc you pick!)

Living in my purpose and doing the things I was created to do motivates me the most! Impacting women that in turn overflows into her family affecting children and partners is such a rewarding journey to share. 


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