Fashion and Artificial Intelligence

Evolution and the fashion industry go hand in hand since the sector can literally change overnight. Technology is becoming a significant backbone behind the industry’s rapid growth, with trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing how companies manufacture, market, and sell their products.

AI, Sales and Customer Predictions

In terms of sales, AI is making it easier for companies to meet their consumers’ needs. Together with machine learning, technology automates sales processes to make them swifter and more convenient. There is still a debate on whether AI can predict the future of fashion, and if this is possible, then it might help reduce textile waste. This can be done by companies only manufacturing clothes which are likely to sell best in the future, thus giving consumers what they want, when they want it. Forecasting errors will thus decrease textile waste significantly.

When it comes to designing, AI can help creatives automate their design processes and fit virtual customers to make the production process more efficient. It will also reduce the space needed for creativity and increase global interactions between designers and consumers. This also means that cultures will easily mingle, creating one big fashion world.

While most AI benefits related to the fashion industry are yet to be achieved, there is no doubt that it will only take a few years for the world to pick them up. With machine learning, AI is the most efficient innovation that will take the fashion industry to the next level.