Top Interesting Facts About Fashion

Many fashion enthusiasts brag about knowing important information about different garments, such as the history of the little black dress, still, there are so many more surprising facts to master.

1. You might have heard about the New York, London, or Paris Fashion week, but did you know there are at least 40 fashion weeks annually with over 100 fashion events celebrated globally?

2. We hear of Napoleon every time someone mentions the war. However, the fashion world owes some credit to the man, as the invention of buttons on sleaves is credited to him. After he got tired of seeing soldiers wiping their noses against their sleeves, he had soldiers’ garments redesigned.

3. Contrary to what most people would expect, the fashion world is significantly dominated by men and not women. The likes of Charles Townsend of Allure, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Lucky plus Millard Drexler from J. Crew are only an example of how ambitious men can be in a world that would have otherwise been thought to be feminine.

4. The runway is where designers showcase their creations, but that is not where showcasing began. In the 1500s, designers did not use human beings as models. Most would create mini-versions of their garments and put them on dolls. Human models only came into the picture in 1853.

5. You will not miss a denim pant or jacket in most households today, and people know them as jeans. The fun fact is that the word jeans, the original name of the fabric, came from Genoa’s genes or sailors. A bale of cotton can create at least 215 pairs of jeans.

6. Another popular piece of fashion are pairs of sneakers. Originally, the shoes were called Keds, created in 1892. The US Rubber Company realised the need for more comfortable shoes other than plimsolls and made rubber shoes with canvas tops. The name sneakers was picked in 1917 when people used the footwear to sneak around as they had silent soles. Sneakers are quite popular but did you know that Marquis Converse was the first company that made sneakers for basketball players?

7. Wearing black at a funeral was inspired by the Victorian Era. Women were expected to wear black clothes for two years after their husbands passed.